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Welcome to the Mordheim City of the Damned wikia for all things Mordheim!

Mordheim originated as a table top game by Games Workshop using smaller groups of warbands as a small skirmish turn-based spinoff of Warhammer. The game introduced advancements, warband maintenance and the reality of loss. The brutal environment of Mordheim sets the tone for powerful warbands facing each other.

The game was released as a video game by Rogue Factor titled Mordheim: City of the Damned as a rouge-like tactical small skirmish turn-based RPG game. The video game holds to the brutal environment experienced within the table top version. In some ways, the video game surpasses the brutal nature of the original, giving the players a real experience of the streets of Mordheim, the City of the Damned.

This wikia explores all rules for both the video game and the original table top game, giving players complete knowledge of how to play, deal with loss and advance to overcome the brutal environment in any Mordheim game.

Know this: there is no guarantee within the streets of Mordheim. Mordheim is truly the City of the Damned!

There is only the chance to survive. Care to increase your odds? Step within the streets of Mordheim and survive another day (if you can).

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