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Mordheim City of the Damned Wikia


In game actions allow all warriors to attempt various positive results. Actions can be influenced by skills, perks or spells. For instance, the perk Last Stand prevents the warrior from disengaging.

Action Requires: Cost Effect
Perception Passing an alertness test SP.png Allows the warrior to see danger within the warriors standard movement range including traps and opposing warband members, even through walls.
Delay Room on the queue SP.png Delays turn for 3 rotations on the initiative queue. Cannot be the last in the queue.
Move Not Engaged SP.png Creates a bubble equal to the warriors movement in meters. The bubble is treated as a three dimensional sphere during level transitions. Repeatable.
Climb, Leap, Jump Down Passing an agility test SP.png Allows the warrior to successfully jump down, climb up or leap gaps. Must be at a climb, leap or jump point. Failing causes damage that rises with height fallen.
Flee Room to break away SP.png Breaks current engagements(s), moving directly away from combat. All engaged enemies gain 1 free attack.
Reload Fired ranged weapon SP.png Reloads the ranged weapon to be fired again.
Dodge Stance n/a SP.pngSP.png Ending the turn with a stance that gives a Dodge Chance to the first hit made on the warrior.
Parry Stance Item that allows Parry SP.pngSP.png Ending the turn with a stance that gives a Parry Chance to the first hit made on the warrior. A successful parry allows a Counter-Attack at -1OP cost.
Ambush Stance Line-of-sight OP.pngOP.png Ending the turn with a stance that Ambushes enemies moving within the warriors standard movement range. The attack does +50% damage with a -10% chance to hit. The warrior moves to intercept the target when seen.
Overwatch Stance Reloaded ranged weapon OP.pngOP.png Ending the turn with a stance that Shoots enemies, with a -10% chance to hit, moving within the warriors standard range field. The warrior shoots the target when seen.
Attack Melee weapon OP.pngOP.png A melee attack that deals regular damage. Target must be engaged and may Counter-Attack if applicable.
Counter-Attack Melee Weapon OP.pngOP.png A normal attack carried out immediately after a melee attack was attempted. All normal modifiers apply to the Counter-Attack.
Shoot Range weapon OP.pngOP.png A ranged attack that deals regular damage. Target cannot be within 4 meters.
Switch Weapons Secondary weapons OP.png SP.pngSP.png Switches between weapon sets.
Disengage Room to break free OP.pngOP.png SP.png Break current engagement(s), moving directly away from combat.
Charge Melee weapon OP.pngOP.pngOP.png Moves into combat with a higher attack action, giving +50% damage at a -10% chance to hit. Target cannot be within 4 meters.
Aim Ranged weapon OP.pngOP.png SP.pngSP.png Shoots the target with a higher shoot action, giving +20% chance to hit. Target cannot be within 4 meters.


Each action is unique and there are many factors that can change the way they behave.


Perception should be done in areas that a battle may take place for traps in the area. Also, if the warrior is scouting out areas that should not be where it ends its turn, Perception may be prudent to see traps (which end movement) or enemies that may ambush or overwatch (also ends movement).


The initiative queue, from left to right, shows which warriors go first. Delaying 3 warriors becomes useless as the rotation in the initiative cue will (eventually) end up with the warriors continuously delaying over each others turn.


Breaking the movement circle where the warriors head blocks the view of the circle will allow a double back, traversing the stairs and having more movement on the lower level in most cases (rather than going straight for the stairs).

Moving up the stairs to break the circle allows backtracking to reach the loot point in one movement, rather than going around.

Each movement bubble is represented by a blue circle surrounding the warrior. Breaking a circle creates a new bubble centered where the circle was crossed. During level transitions and terrain navigation, the place where the circle is broken can allow much more movement. For instance, breaking a circle in such a way to allow the new bubble to encompass the entire level transition or terrain can allow the warrior to traverse the terrain more efficiently.

A warrior can move until all SP is used. SP can be gained back by retracing SP points (bubble centers) giving warriors the chance to scout areas, gain back all SP and check different areas. Be aware that breaking bubbles around certain terrain can prevent warriors from reaching previous SP points.

SP points become locked once the warrior triggers a trap, an enemy ambush or overwatch happens, the warrior engages an enemy or the warrior confirms by executing an action. If applicable, the warrior can only use remaining SP points from that point on. For instance, if the warrior is scouting a dangerous area and triggers a trap then moving back to a safe area will take additional SP instead of retracing steps.

Climb, Leap, Jump down

Jumping down will always result in the warrior going where intended, as long as an unsuccessful jump down doesn't take the warrior out-of-action due to damage. Unsuccessfully climbing causes damage and the climb needs to be attempted again as long as the warrior has SP to try, this can be repeated until a successful role happens or the warrior runs out of SP. All subsequent attempts to climb a failed attempt during the same turn receives the Known Path buff status, giving +10% chance to climb. Unsuccessfully leaping causes the warrior to fall, taking damage. The warrior has to spend SP to get back to the leap point to attempt the leap again.

Known Path Time Black.png 0 Effect Type: Mechanic.
+10% to Climb
+Valid only for the next action

Climbing, Leaping or Jumping down into contact with an enemy gives an attack buff:

Jumping down:

Jump Attack Time Black.png 0 Effect Type: Mechanic.
+15% melee Hit chance
+15% melee Damage
-1 OP cost to Attack and melee Attack Skills
Valid only for the next action


Leap Attack Citation needed Time Black.png 0 Effect Type: Mechanic.
+30% melee Damage
Valid only for the next action


Stealth Climb Time Black.png 0 Effect Type: Mechanic.
20% Dodge and Parry bypass
Valid only for the next action


As a last resort, the warrior can flee if there is enough room to break away. This should only be done if the warrior has a reasonable chance to survive the free attack by all engaged enemies and/or if the strategic advantage (very situational) outweighs the potential incoming damage. Most of the time, having other warriors engage the enemies is more advantageous.


Reloading a ranged weapon gives the Arm Fatigue debuff and costs 1 more SP for each successive reload. For instance, reloading a second time costs a base of 2 SP while reloading a third time costs a base of 3 SP. This is in addition to any other modifiers from skills or weapons.

Arm Fatigue
Time Black.png 1 Effect Type: Mechanic.
+1 SP cost to Reload

Dodge Stance

A dodge stance can be taken at any time there is enough SP to do so. The warrior can be engaged or not. Note that the warrior doesn't block enemies from bypassing with a dodge stance, other than if their Threat Zone does so naturally.Picture needed

Parry Stance

The same as dodge stance except the warrior needs an item that can parry, such as a sword or shield. Note that some weapons prevent the use of parry.

Ambush Stance

An Ambush Stance that targets all enemies moving within its line of sight range. Charging through the range doesn't count (see charging). Friendly and enemy base areas "break" the line of sight. Enemies can use other enemy base areas to engage warriors without triggering the charge by being free for action on top of the warriors base area. Picture needed

Furthermore, warriors who are ambushed receive a -10% chance on any Counter-Attack performed.

Overwatch Stance

Same rules apply as the Ambush Stance.


Melee attacks are standard attacks that cost 2 OP. If using two weapons (dual wield), paired weapons or a 2-Handed weapon tiring effects will apply, costing +1 OP for each additional attack after the first.

A melee attack that hits can be dodged or parried if the enemy is in a dodge or parry stance. If the melee attack causes damage (hits and is not dodged or parried) there is a chance that the applied damage will be a critical hit, depending on critical hit chance versus the enemies critical hit resistance. A critical hit will always cause full damage plus additional critical damage. Furthermore, any warrior that suffers a critical hit will receive the Open wounds debuff and must roll against their stun resistance or be stunned. Multiple crits will result in multiple Open wounds:

Open wounds
Time Black.png 0 Effect Type: Mechanic.
-10% melee/range Hit chance
+5% injury chance after battle

If a warrior ends the game with any Open wounds they will suffer a light injury after the battle.

When a warrior is stunned any stances are broken, they are automatically hit with melee attacks, ranged attacks gain +20% chance to hit and all attacks get +20% chance to crit the warrior.

At the beginning of a stunned warriors turn, they will recover. They have a chance to recover fully Citation needed or they recover with -2 OP and -2 SP.

Stun recovery Time Black.png 1 Effect Type: Mechanic.
-2 max OP
-2 max SP


Counter-Attacks happen automatically if there is enough OP to for the cost. Tiring effect apply the same as attacks.


Modifiers for shooting depend on if the enemy has cover or if the enemy is engaged or both. Can be used repeatedly until there is not enough OP to shoot or SP to reload or both.

Switch Weapons

In general, switching weapons sets a higher penalty for shooting because the reload needs SP. Melee characters can be more versatile by taking a two handed weapon and a normal weapon set (such as sword and shield) depending on the situation.


The normal "go to" action to get out of combat without the free hits from Flee. Allows re-positioning, concentration of hits on other targets or just attempting to save the warrior from serious harm.


With the odd amount of OP used to charge it gives the warrior viable options to spend all OP in damaging an enemy. Ambush and Overwatch Stances do not affect charges if the charge is initiated outside the line of sight of the Stance.

If a charge or ambush hits, the target gets the "Surprised" debuff:

Surprised Time Black.png 0 Effect Type: Skill.
+10% melee Hit chance


Highly improving the chance to hit comes at the price of two SP for reloading or moving.